Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care TipsWinter means snow everywhere and with the festive season looming ahead, winter means parties and shopping and meeting friends and family. Winter, unfortunately, also means dry chapped skin and winter skin problems. Skin care and hair care are very important in the winter season to ensure that your skin does not suffer from the harshness of winter. Here are some winter skin care tips to help you look gorgeous for the parties and while meeting friends and family. Keep reading the dry skin remedies for a soft and smooth skin.

Winter Skin Care for Dry Skin


I know that you know the importance of moisturizers in skin care. I am sure there may be days when you forget to apply the moisturizer in your hurry to leave for your work. However, it is vital that you do not forget to moisturize your skin in the winter season. Moisturizing helps your skin to remain supple and the skin does not become dry and scaly. It is necessary to buy a good skin moisturizer that will last for a long time on your skin and will prevent dry skin. Select body lotions containing oils, vitamin E and milk as these oils and milk will help the skin to remain soft. After bath, apply the moisturizer all over your body. Use face creams that are rich in almond oil, shea butter and other oils rich in vitamin E, to prevent the face from become scaly. Glycerin based creams also work wonders for the skin in the winters.

Bath Products

When the weather is too cold, it is natural to skip taking a bath. However, this is not the way to fight cold. For keeping skin soft in winter time, draw up a hot bath and add to it a few cups of buttermilk or whole milk. Soak in the bath for about half an hour to let the milk or the buttermilk be absorbed by the body. It will help the body to remain soft and will prevent dryness.


Though you may not realize this, the skin tends to tan during the winter. Though you would love a tan, the winter tan is not very desirable. Hence, ensure that you apply sunscreen before you move out of your homes. If you must get tanned, then try the tanning salon. However, do not let the sun tan you in the winter.


Choose cream based makeup products over the powder based products. The powder based products might not last long nor will it look good. The cream based products, on the other hand, will not only make you look good, but will also last throughout the day on your skin. In addition to these advantages, the other advantage is that cream based products contain a good amount of products that provide moisture to the skin.

Lip Balms

Lip balms are a must in the winters. The lips are constantly attacked by the harsh winter season and hence, need to be taken care of. With plenty of lip balms to choose from, choose one that will help your lips retain some natural oils and will not dry your lips easily. Homemade lip balms are easy to make and are better as they do not contain any chemicals. Petroleum jelly is usually the best to prevent the lips from drying up in the winter.


Winter skin care tips will not be complete if I do not mention anything about hair care. During the winter, there are chances of your scalp suffering from severe dandruff. This can be taken care of easily by heating and applying some essential oils like rosemary oil to the scalp for about 30 minutes before taking a shower. Other than that, using shampoos that contain vitamin E oil and moisturizers will also prevent any scalp problems. Conditioners containing milk, almond milk and jojoba oil will help the scalp to remain moisturized and dandruff free. Another important tip is not to blow dry the hair during the winter as the scalp gets irritated, leading to further hair problems.


The last of the winter skin care tips, is to cover yourself completely before you go out and face the snow. Gloves to cover your hands, socks and boots to protect your legs and feet and thick clothes to protect you from the winter winds, are essential. If your clothes or shoes get wet, then it is necessary to get out of them as soon as possible to avoid health problems.

Home Care Tips for Winter

The best winter skin care is the care that you take at home with help from natural products. These winter skin care tips for natural skin care are mentioned below.

* Exfoliate your skin with the help of a natural scrub made from some sugar, honey, milk and gram flour. The honey and the milk help the skin to remain soft. This is a great dry skin remedy for face.
* After you come home from work, soak your feet in hot water. Add some oil and milk to the water to help the feet remain moisturized.
* Make a home face pack containing gram flour, honey, turmeric and some milk. Make a smooth paste and apply on the face and the neck, once a week.
* Keep jojoba oil, almond oil and other essential oils close at hand, during the winters. Give yourself a massage with these oils before you go to sleep at night, at least thrice a week.
* Apply olive oil on your hands and your feet and keep it on for about half an hour before taking your bath. This will also help your skin to remain problem free during winters.
* Keep the nails in a good condition by regularly massaging them with coconut oil. The nails tend to become cracked and brittle and the oil will help them stay moisturized.

These were some skin care tips for the winter. However, as you know the skin gets affected by what you eat, ensure that your diet is wholesome and include some butter and milk in your diet to keep your body moisturized too. Drink water regularly so that your body and your skin does not get dehydrated. I hope these winter skin care tips will be effective to shield your skin against the harsh winter. Do not go out of the house unless you are covered warmly and do not forget that you need to keep yourself moisturized. Follow these tips and look gorgeous. Take care!

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