Winter Coats for Men

Winter Coats for MenEveryone has a few common reasons why they love winters as much as they do. Other than the holidays, there are so many other things to look forward to, like shopping sales, gatherings, vacations and parties! But if you are going to enjoy these activities, wouldn’t you like to be dressed perfectly for them? Even though you are wearing some killer men’s clothing inside, you don’t want to freeze in the cold just wearing that. And for this reason, there are some very classy winter coats for men, which can be used as formal, casual and party wear. They are both warm and stylish, as they are made to give your attire a great look, no matter where you are dressed to go. To give you a few ideas about what to choose, we have some options mentioned in the following paragraphs. Take a look and pick your favorite!

Winter Jackets for Men

Winter clothing is very popular among men for the simple reason that a winter coat/jacket worn over absolutely anything can make you look sexy and keep you warm. According to your fashion instinct, there is always a good color, length and a pattern of clothing that looks good on you. And when you find something like that, well, you can’t just let it hang in the store!

The only two criteria about winter coats for men are that they should provide the right amount of warmth and look great over anything you wear. You can also make this choice depending on the designs of these jackets which can either be used as formal, semi-formal or completely casual men’s fashion. So, take a look at some of the best winter coats for men and make your choice.

Pea Coats or Reefer Jackets

One of the most brilliantly designed and “can wear over anything” types of winter coats for men are pea coats and reefer jackets. They are long coats which are either above the knee, knee or full length winter jackets for men which are made from materials like wool, leather and sometimes a mesh. Pea coats are, however, slightly different from reefer jackets. Pea coats are usually full length and have a formal look and reefers can be above the knee also.

The materials used to make them can also differ according to the style and brands. There are various price ranges for these types and you can find some cheap winter coats for men, as well as some plus size winter coats. They look great when worn over formals, semi-formals as well as casuals. These are great options for business men, students, working men, for someone who’s buying groceries too. The colors you can choose can be navy, charcoal and black for pea coats and reefers.

Quilted or Puffy Jackets

If you are looking for something that will just keep you extremely warm irrespective of how it looks, you should definitely go for these puffy jackets which are also called quilted. The reason being that they have a woolen layer on the inside and have a polyester fabric layer on the outside. These jackets are surely considered as winter coats 2010, as they keep you warm from the extreme cold temperatures in snow areas and look good from the outside as well. They are also used as snow gear jackets by skiers or people who live in very cold countries. Quilted jackets are available in hooded and non-hooded designs making them convenient for regular use by students and as casual wear.

Leather Jackets

When you are considering winter coats for men, you have to think about leather jackets as this is one of the warmest materials used for winter wear. With the various types of leather used to make these jackets there are a wide variety of designs made as well. You can make reefer jackets with leather to have something formal to wear or there are designs like Bomber jackets and Motorcycle jackets, which are used as casuals (remember the Top Gun look). Colors like black, brown and navy are some of the most popularly used in leather clothing. They are also known as the warmest winter coats for men, as leather cannot be compared to any other material.

With these various types of winter coats for men, I think you have a wide choice to pick from. So, go ahead and pick your favorite winter coat and flaunt it over absolutely any fashionable wear.

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