Winter Boots 2010

Winter Boots 2010Fashionistas keep looking for the hot picks of the season. You might be one of those who keep checking the season’s fashion trends and follow them to stay voguish. Well, then are you aware about the trends in winter boots 2010? If not, or even if you have browsed through a few pages stating these, here’s much more about ‘what’s hot’ this season in the fashion footwear section. Winter boot trends 2010 are much more than simple pieces to keep your feet warm. Moreover, you will find some new trends this season which are sure to impress the fashion lovers. So if you have already re-done your wardrobes with the winter clothing, it’s time to add the most essential accessory to the lower shelves. The trends in winter boots 2010 mentioned below will definitely help you choose the right picks.

Trends in Winter Boots 2010

Best Boot Styles

Sexy over the knee high boots and the fashionable knee high boots are top picks of the season. While you might have worn these throughout the year, you can find much more varieties in these specially designed for winter season. Patent leather or suede leather, choose the one that suits you the best. The tall dress boots with low heels are amongst the best shoes of the year. Another style that you can see all over this season is the ankle boots. Ankle boots make versatile footwear that can go well with a variety of dresses. Apart from these you can see a lot of mid-calf length boots, especially in the sheepskin style which is another trend in winter boots 2010.

Hot Heel Styles

While stilettos were a hit throughout the year, let me tell they are not completely out of the trends list, but this season you can see much more of the low heels. Be it a pair of thigh high boots for women or the casual sheepskin boots which are popular winter boots for men, winter boots for kids and women as well, minimal heels, flats and low heels are what you can find the most. If you plan to look hot and voguish then you ‘must have’ a pair of boots with wedge heel. Wedges are a big hit and if you want to follow the latest fashion trends 2010 then these are the ‘essentials’. Grab the wedge winter boots for women and be ready to turn all eyes towards you. No matter weather you are picking the ankle boots or the cute winter boots in knee high style, wedge heels you are sure to look the best.

Other Features

Well, apart from the boot styles and heel styles mentioned above, you can find the following prominent features jazzing up the best winter boots 2010. As mentioned above, leather, suede, sheepskin and fur are the most happening materials of the season. Boots with folded cuffs are extremely popular. Let me tell that this fashion is not restricted till the knee high boots but is equally popular in ankle boots. Moreover, you can find fur as the highlighting element of these cuffs which can be worn folded down or straight upwards. Buckles, zipper, stylish chains and a number of straps are the most used embellishment elements for these boots.

While you read the aforementioned trends in winter boots 2010, let me tell that it is essential to checkout all the styles available on the shelves before you decide your pick. Remember, while following the trends is sure to give you a voguish look, don’t hesitate to experiment something different. Choosing the right footwear is not just about following trends, but more about your comfort and style. Try out a number of styles before you purchase one great looking pair of winter boots.

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