Wedge Shoes for Women

Wedge Shoes for WomenIf you are looking for shoes that combine both style and comfort, then wedge shoes for women are your answer. These shoes offer the same comfort as a flat sandal or a slipper would and at the same time, look elegant, classy and formal like silhouettes. In fact, they are one pair of womens shoes, which everyone should own, sheer for their versatility!

Wedge Shoes

If you do not follow the fashion trends and don’t know how the wedges look, the easiest way to distinguish them from other shoes is to look at their heels. The heels of wedge shoes for women do not just lie below the heel of your foot, they cover the entire bottom of the shoe. This makes wedges one of the most comfortable amongst all of women’s shoes!

As for designs and colors, you have a wide variety of wedges to choose from. You can take your pick from the cool, funky and sporty wedge sneakers, the formal black wedge shoes for women which come as leather booties and the fun, casual wedge sandals for women. The choice in colors and prints is unimaginable. Orange, yellow, pink, purple, black, blue, brown, red, golden – you name any color and will find a wedge shoe in the same!

Wedge shoes for women usually have a wooden or rubber heel. There are both close toed as well as peep toed varieties available. The sling wedges which come with a strap worn around the ankle or calf, mostly with peep toes, are an excellent choice for casual dressing. Another variety known as “espadrilles”, which has been popular since 1970’s, can be worn with shorts, sun dresses or knee-length skirts for a casual outing during the summers. Espadrilles in pastel shades look exceptionally phenomenal when paired with printed summer dresses!

If you thought that wedges are only meant for day to day wear, then probably you need to have a good look at some of the patented leather wedge shoes. These leather shoes look very elegant when worn with formal business suits and pants. The close toed suede wedge shoes which come in colors such as black, brown and brandy are another choice for formal, workplace dressing. Then there are the ones which come with a satin covering on top and make for excellent prom, Christmas party or wedding shoes. Speaking of parties, clear wedge shoes which have crystal, transparent heels with embellishments such as gems and stones on top look great with any formal party wear!

Matching Outfits…
There is one peculiarity of wedge shoes. Women can make them look formal or casual or trendy, depending upon the womens clothing dresses they pair them up with. For instance, if wedge sandals of one inch heel are paired with jeans, they give a very cool, casual look. However, if wedge heel shoes with heels of three inches or more are worn with free-flowing one-piece dresses or skirts, along with some good jewelery, they are quiet apt to be worn at a party!

There is one secret to wearing wedge shoes. Women should always pair them up with loose fitting and free flowing outfits such as boot cut jeans, wide leg pants, wrap dresses, gypsy-style dresses, loose skirts, etc, as they make all such outfits look very attractive and trendy! However, avoid wearing them with skinny jeans, tight pants and narrow, pencil skirts as wedges add weight to the foot and hence do not suit such styles of dressing.

Wedge shoes look outstanding with most of the outfits, making them a fashion must have for any woman. And, if you thought that these shoes must be expensive, then simply search the Internet and you will be surprised to find cheap wedge shoes for women for as little as thirty dollars! As you can see, wedge shoes do not cost much, add length to the body, are immensely comfortable and make a woman look fun and stylish, all at once! So, what are you waiting for? Get a chic, smart pair of wedges today and wear them to dress down or dress up any outfit!

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