Top Selling Mens Cologne

Top Selling Mens CologneFor any man, the fragrance or cologne that he chooses to wear, tells a lot about his personality and style. Choosing a cologne for men is a very personal thing and what might be considered as the best men’s cologne might not appeal to you. A cologne should ideally last all day, mask any telltale signs of perspiration and should not be too overpowering. The market is flooded with different men’s cologne, but it might take a while for you to find the perfect one for you. One very good way to judge whether a cologne is good or not is to look for top selling men’s cologne. A top selling cologne is a best seller because many people have liked its fragrance. So, it makes sense to know which are the top selling men’s cologne of all time before you choose a cologne for yourself.

Top Selling Men’s Cologne 2010

You should always try out a cologne before you purchase it, as a cologne smells different when it is applied on the skin. Given below are some of the most selling men’s cologne that smell absolutely divine.

Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur

This is one of the best selling men’s perfume of all times. It is best for the rugged mature man who loves the outdoors. It has top notes of basil, bitter orange and lime and middle notes of clover, violet leaf and patchouli. It is a very earthy and citrusy cologne and has crisp and clear fragrances. The cologne lasts the whole day long although it is not too heavy or cloying. The slightly earthy overtones that come from patchouli oil, give the cologne a very rich fragrance and it is nicely harmonized with the zing of lime and bitter orange. This is the best cologne ever for men and it is suitable for mature men.

Artisan Cologne by John Varvatos

A top selling men’s cologne that is light and airy is Artisan by John Varvatos. This perfume evokes the essence of a fresh spring day. It contains notes of winter mandarin oranges, thyme, clementines, tangelo, marjoram, purple ginger, georgywood, Indian murraya, lavandin and North African orange blossoms. The citrus scent from the winter mandarin oranges and clementines is balanced with the slightly floral fragrance of the North African orange blossoms. The woodsy fragrance from thyme and marjoram adds a new dimension to this top selling cologne. It is the best cologne for young men and it is suitable to wear both for daytime and evening.

Bang by Marc Jacobs

This is one of the best cologne for men 2010 and it has woody spicy fragrance that is best suited for a mature man. It has top notes of vetiver, black, white and pink peppercorn, patchouli and white moss. Its base notes are that of lemony hinoki wood, musk and cedar. This combination of spice and wood gives this cologne a peppery and earthy fragrance that is very appealing.

HM – Hanae Mori

When you are looking for a clean, contemporary and sophisticated cologne, then Hanae Mori fits the bill. This cologne contains notes of vanilla, blackcurrant, cedarwood, lavender, Iris, chocolate, jasmine, amber, muguet, bulgarian rose and sandalwood. It is a perfectly blended perfume and its subtle fragrance lasts for a very long time.

Tom Ford For Men

Tom Ford For Men is a rich and vibrant cologne that will last all day long. It contains notes of lemon leaf oil, black pepper, mandarin zest, patchouli, bergamot oil, oak moss, basil, amber, ginger, grapefruit blossom, violet leaf, tobacco leaf, orange blossom, cedar, vetiver and cypriol. It is a cologne that has a lot of depth and character and is a blend of citrus and woodsy fragrance. It is one of the top selling and best cologne for men 2010.

This was all about top selling men’s cologne. A top selling cologne is a good indicator for the fragrance’s popularity among people. However, purchase a cologne only when you are sure that you like it and it suits you.

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