Short Hair Styles 2011

Short Hair Styles 2011Short hairstyles are one of the most manageable hairstyles. Also, they are in fashion and one has many options of short hairstyles to choose from. When getting a short hairstyles, you should keep in mind some basics. First of all get a haircut done which suits your face shape, for example short hair styles for round faces should be such that they add volume to the crown so that the face looks longer. Also, the haircut should be such that it suits your hair types. Lastly, when selecting a short hairstyle see that it suits your lifestyle, which means that you can wear it to your workplace, and are able to maintain it. There are many fun short hair styles 2011, here are some ideas.

Short Haircuts 2011

Short Hair Styles 2011 for Women
When it comes to very short hair styles for women the pixie cut is the best. However, some women also like to sport a buzz cut, but that haircut looks too dramatic. For a more cuter style go with the pixie cut. These short haircuts for round faces 2011 look cute, and always style with side sweeping bangs. For pixie cut, the hair on the back and sides is cut into short crops, and the crown hair are cut longer, and the front are styled into bangs.

If you want a more punk looking edgy style then consider faux hawk punk short hair styles. These styles are generally sported by guys, but women can also sport it. One of the cool looking African American short hair style is the braided faux hawk. Go to a stylist, to get your hair styled into a faux hawk.

The most popular short hair styles for women are bob hairstyles. These are short hair styles for older women and teens alike. You have many options when it comes to short bob styles. You can go with an inverted sleek bob, which is the most ‘in’ style. For this style, you will need to cut the hair at the back real short near the nape of the neck, and the sides should be kept longer. The sides can be cut so that they look symmetrical or asymmetrical. Pair this style with a blunt Cleopatra style bangs or side sweeping bangs.

Women can also go with short layered bob styles, or medium short layered style with some type of bangs. Layers are the best option if you want to keep your hair till shoulder length, and if you have wavy or curly hair. To get these short hair styles for curly hair, get lots of deep layers done in your hair and accompany it with blunt or sweeping side bangs.

Short Hair Styles 2011 for Men
There are many short hair styles for men like the buzz cut, the square cut, the professional cut, the Mohawk, spiky styles, the Caesar cut, etc. However, when it comes to popularity of the short hair styles the three most trendy short hair styles for men this year are the faux hawk, the spiky buzz cut, and the sleek layered cut.

If you are looking for thin short hairstyles then go with the spiky buzz cut. For this style the hair is cut into buzz, with the hair near the forehead kept longer and styled into spikes. To get a faux hawk, the hair on the sides are cut into short crops, and the middle hair is styled upwards and frontwards. To get a sleek layered cut, cut your hair deep choppy, so that the look tapers near the ears and at the back. Then accompany it with sweeping bangs, that cover your eyes.

So, pick from the above short hair styles 2011. Get your cut done from a professional to achieve the best results. To maintain your cut, get a regular trim every 4-6 weeks, depending upon your hair growth.

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  1. Great little post. Love the pixie cut, myself. I sport this one since I am an avid runner and biker. Long hair gets in the way of workouts and all that. Plus, the upkeep is easier for me.

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