Plus Size Tunics

Plus Size TunicsThere was a time during the early 90′ when plus size women were left with two miserable choices, the first being to try and fit into clothes that were a size too small or make do with the badly tailored tent shaped clothes that were just too big for comfort. What made it worse was that those plus size clothing for women were ugly and boring! Though fortunately times have changed. Now women have the option of choosing from a wide arrays of plus size tunics that have splendid designs and patterns.

What to Wear With Plus Size Tunics

The best thing about these plus size tunics for women is that, women of all sizes can wear them because they are so irresistibly fashioned. Plus size tunics for leggings, look the best as together they give a more slender look. Though you must select the best plus size leggings for yourself which give you the perfect fit. Combining these with high heeled boots allows you to look both classy and trendy. The plus size tunics come in many patterns though my all time favorites are the one shoulder off tunics as well as the off shoulder patterns. This hides the excess bulges and allow the right curves to show. They hide the love handles as well as give your hips a fabulous shape. What is better is that plus size tunics let you move and breathe in peace without having to tug or pull at them so as to keep them from climbing up all the time. Learn more about trendy plus size clothing and tunics to wear with leggings with their newest patterns.

This Seasons Fashion Trends

Now that the summers are approaching, you can get yourself some really colorful patterns that give you the fresh exotic look. Think bright floral patterns, or colors such as turquoise greenish blue, orange, peach, yellow, lavender, purple. And if you want to go for a bolder look there are some awesome V deep neck as well as back less patterns. If you go for the normal simple patterns you can always wear them with colorful translucent stalkings! This combination will leave people drooling for more. You can even try and accessorize with belts, which you can either tie loosely around your lower waist or wear it as an empire pattern. Learn more about which type of dresses to wear with leggings here.

You can even wear plus size tunics as a dress by wearing really nice stilettos and adding either delicate jewelery or really chunky ones around your neck. Try wearing really long slender chains , you can even try and wear them over one shoulder in a diagonal manner. Adding scarves to the entire attire also looks amazing. I personally like the way houndsthooth scarf look on plain colored plus size tunics as it gives a high fashioned edgy perspective to the outfit as well as your personality. Though you can opt for more delicate scarf patterns if you prefer those. Find out more about the various plus size cocktail dresses that you can select from.

One of my other favorites are the fabulous plus size sequin tunics! These are one of the best options for plus size dresses for special occasions such as when you choose to go out for dancing or for a party. These tunics are so stylish that even thinner women have begun to prefer them as it gives them the freedom to experiment and accessorize these clothes so as to make them look even more fashionable. Plus size tunics sweaters are available in a variety of classy patterns such as tunic necks, square neck, crisscrossed patterns, half sleeved sweaters and my favorite asymmetrical clown neck patterns.

There is nothing stopping you now! These plus size tunics are the in thing and they are not going to run out of fashion any time soon. They are going to stay for a long time to come and with every season we hope that the designs and patterns just keep getting better and more chic.

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