Oily Skin Products

Oily Skin ProductsTired with the same old problems of the oily skin? Acne not letting you relax for even a day? Not having the desired look even after hours spent in front of the mirror? Yes, oily skin can do all these things to you. Quite a pain, isn’t it? The first thing you should know is that oily skin isn’t at all abnormal. Oily skin can be the outcome of hormonal changes that occur with age, pregnancy, a particular type of medicine such as birth control pills, hereditary tendencies, climatic changes and also an unhealthy diet. Since the causes of oily skin are so normal and so vast, the cosmetic industry has come up with a range of oily skin products for men and women that can help people like us say goodbye to the oily skin forever and also reduce the usually much needed caring for oily skin. Yes, they work. You can now breathe a sigh of relief. Here are the oily skin products.

List of The Best Oily Skin Products

The Moisturizer
One of the most important one of all the oily skin products is the moisturizer for oily skin. A lot depends on this moisturizer. Choose one that is oil free and water based. The best one should always contain Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Do not use moisturizers that contain lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil and vitamin E. When it comes to sunscreen moisturizers, again choose ones that are oil free and those which absorb quickly. They should be matte finished with at least SPF 15. I too have an oily skin and my favorite is the Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Light.

The Mascara
Looking for a mascara for oily skin? You can stop right here. One of the easiest oily skin products to buy, a mascara for oily skin has to have two to three essential qualities. First, it should be water proof. Second, it should not smudge because of the oil. Maybelline’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is a great choice for oily skin mascara and is available in different colors. Another good buy might be the Blinc Kiss Me Mascara that actually forms water resistant tubes on your lashes after application. Another tip is to use dark colors. You can check out some mascara reviews on the Internet for latest mascaras for oily skin as well.

The Foundation
Foundations are again oily skin products you need to be very careful with. Foundations, unlike mascaras or eye shadows, cover a larger area of the oily skin and thus we need to make sure that we pick the best foundation for oily skin. Pick up a foundation that is of course oily free and also non comedogenic. Foundations that are powder based are preferred as they stay longer. Also choose a light shade. Makeup on oily skin gets darker with the course of the day. Matte effect foundations are again better than others. Also apply a light base before actual foundation application.

The Face Cleanser
Face cleansers are essentials for oily skin you can’t ignore. Since oily skin is more prone to acne, it is important we use the best cleanser for oily skin. There are many cleansers you can choose from the ‘for oily skin‘ categories available in stores. Using any one of these should be alright. Raw milk, yogurt and fuller’s earth are some of the best natural facial cleansers for oily skin. Apart from these, honey and lemon are also said to be very effective. You can make pastes using any of these and apply it to your face and let them dry. Apart from these cleansers, it is also advisable to wash your face with plain water as much as possible.

The Face Wash
If those overactive sebaceous glands force you to wash your face more than what is necessary, try a face wash that actually helps fight oily skin the right way. The best face wash for oily skin would be a face wash that helps you get rid of the oily shine but also doesn’t lead to drying of the skin. Priced at $7, Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is by far considered the best. However, this does lead to a little drying of skin and is thus advised only once or twice a day. Another option is a soap called the Clinique Oily Skin Formula Facial Soap which is said to give amazing effects even though being a soap. It costs somewhere around $12.

The Mineral Makeup
The invention of mineral makeup as oily skin products for women has really done us with the oily skin a great favor. Mineral makeup is the perfect choice for oily or combination skin. Choosing the best makeup for oily skin always proved difficult for me as no matter what I did, the makeup just did not exist after an hour. It vanished like it was never there. After using mineral makeup however, I changed my opinion. When you choose mineral makeup for oily skin, look for silica, sericite and botanical and fruit extracts. These ingredients will give you the a finish that you have always desired for. The options available in mineral makeup are huge, you just have to go out there and hunt them down.

The Skin Toner
You must have heard of skin fresheners, skin tonics and astringents by now. These all come under the category of skin toners. They help remove left over makeup, dirt and oil from the skin and close the pores. If you have a very oil skin, use an astringent as that has most amount of alcohol content needed to cleanse the skin. Witch Hazel is one of the most famous skin toners for oily skin. Skin fresheners are something like rosewater than contain least amount of alcohol and are not that effective on oily skin. You should be using either skin tonics such as orange flower water or astringents for better results.

Now that you know all the effective oily skin products, start using them soon. Apart from these best products for oily skin, keep in mind all the necessary points while buying your makeup and toiletries. Do not use anything that is not oil free and is not water based. Always keep the makeup a little low so that you don’t have to worry about a greasy after look. Wash your face regularly with the kind of face washes mentioned above. Washing the face will clean the oil regularly. Also, keep the blotting papers handy 😉

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