Men’s Fashion 2011

Men's Fashion 2011Men’s fashion doesn’t see a change as frequently as women’s fashion. But when it does, it most certainly is a good one. Men’s fashion 2011 is one such example. Men’s fashion trends for 2011 has brought with it a good look for the guys, so why not take a look and see what it has to offer.

Men’s Fashion 2011 Trends

For all you fashion conscious guys, in the fashion for men scene, here’s what is making the rounds on runways this 2011…

Canali’s “Classic Perfection” is the way to go if you are looking for a stylish yet classy look this 2011. This ’50s and ’60s inspired look is all about style for older men. A collection that is largely made up of suits, you can do both, dress up or dress down for your desired look. This Italian company for men’s clothing, has always been a well recognized name in the world of fashion, so what better way to get stylish than by turning to their collection. What’s more is, it’s a look that’s done right, and with the right personality, it’s an unmistakably good look.

Dolce & Gabbana
Ode to Suburbia, yeah, that’s what D&G calls their latest collection. A fashion house started in 1985 by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, is today one of the biggest luxury fashion houses ever! Their latest collection for 2011 is all about casual. Quite the contrary to Canali, ain’t it? Well, D&G has always been known for their flamboyance. A fabulous collection being exhibited this year, they are all about gingham, vintage prints, khakis, and loads of neutral shades. It’s a good look is what I’d say.

Trussardi 1911
Looking at their collection, here’s what I can say… They’ve covered it all. There isn’t a look that Trussardi is missing this year. Their 1911 collection is amazing. Advantage… Whatever your style, this year’s collection offers it to you. Disadvantage… None! Unless of course, fashion isn’t for you. An interesting look with a retro look, you just know you will find something appealing. Right from rocker to traditionalist, there’s ample to choose from. And for those of you who belong to the “I don’t know where I belong” category, worry not, there’s a little something in store for you too. From blacks to grays, reds to browns, green to khaki… there isn’t a thing that’s been left out. For a better idea, check out their collection to know what I’m talking about.

Quite possibly my favorite amongst the trends for men’s fashion 2011, their collection From the Safari to the Polo Match is a suave, yet stylish. A collection filled with panache, the spring collection from this fashion house is definitely good looking. Filled with colors like white, gray, khaki, be it their trousers or jackets, they put together a look that just cannot go wrong. The best part about the safari inspired look is the combination of rugged meets sophisticated. The ease that this collection and look comes with, most definitely adds to its appeal too. Filled with blazers, coats, and a lot of knit, Corneliani’s latest line is a good way to go.

That was the low-down on some designer styles. But if you are looking for individual pieces that are in this year, check out the list to follow.

Other Trends

Ties: Ties are a classy accessory, so you could well use one to funk up your look. Plaid is in, so maybe you could take a chance with one. If not, bright colored skinny ties are also a good idea.

Jackets / Blazers: The bomber jacket seems to be big this year. Get yourself one if you want that casual yet fabulous look. For a slightly more formal appeal, double-breasted jackets are it! A slim cut jacket in this style is great for a formal look. However, if you do want to tone down the look, you could also team it up with denims, and you’re sorted.

Shoes: Suede is what seems to be ruling this year. This spring you’ll see a lot of colored shoes too. Why not get a pair too, if you think you can carry it off.

Linen: Make sure to go right ahead with lots of linen this year. Oh, and you know what, don’t seek the “proper” look when wearing it. Linen looks fine even when it’s wrinkled. Since casual is what linen is made for, just let it do its job. On the whole, even retro is going to be big, so feel free with taking a chance.

All that was mentioned was what you can expect to see as a part of men’s fashion 2011. So, if fashion is for you, go ahead, get experimental, and get stylish!  Source

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