Medium Length Hair Styles 2011

Medium Length Hair Styles 2011The perfect length of hair to have is medium length. It’s not too long and not too short. It’s just the right length for maintenance and for styling as well. Last year saw some fabulous medium length hairstyles ruling the red carpet. As a result, there were some fabulously styled women walking our streets too. Since we tend to follow hairstyle trends that we see a majority of people around us sporting, Buzzle has some inputs on what we think are some of the coolest and hottest medium length hair styles 2011. Read them, try them, and enjoy your new look!

Medium Length Hair Styles 2011 for Women

In this section, we’ll give you some information on what kind of haircuts as well as what kind of styling you can give your hair, so that you stay in touch with the latest trends in hairdressing. While there are quite a few medium length hair styles 2011 for men too, this article will focus on those for women only. Sorry boys!

Medium Length Hair Cuts 2011
The first step in styling your hair is cutting it accordingly. Let us what are the best haircuts that you can get for yourself.

  • As far as the cuts for 2011 are concerned, know this: this year, it’s all about volume. So, when you go to your hairdresser, ask him to do something to your hair that will give it said volume. If you are already blessed with naturally thick hair, then all you need is a cute medium haircut.
  • The best way to go this year is hairstyles with bangs and layers for medium hair. If you thought that bangs were hot last year, this year they are sizzling! That’s right. If you’re planning on cutting your hair, then ask the hairdresser to throw in a few bangs. Keep them well maintained with regular trimming.
  • Another cut that’s really popular is the bob. Whether it is a regular bob or an inverted bob, this one’s a definite show stopper. So, get your hair cut into a fashionable bob and rule your local fashion circuit.
  • Choppy haircuts are the next big thing as far as cute hairstyles for medium hair in 2011 are concerned. Get some gorgeous choppy layers and flaunt them off with a messy, out-of-bed look.
  • Also check out these medium haircuts for women, for some more ideas.

Medium Length Hair Styles 2011
That was all about the different cuts that you can give you hair this year. Now, let us see what are the different styles that you can use for these haircuts.

  • If you’re thinking naughty yet nice, then you can have a few of your strands streaked as per the hair color trends 2011 given here.
  • For a casual occasion, just blow dry your bangs and leave the rest as it is, if you have wavy hair. If it’s straight hair that you have, then use bright colored clips to fasten some portions of your hair in such a way that it looks carefully, casually styled.
  • Curly haired women are the luckiest when it comes to hairstyles. That’s because anything looks good with curly hair. Just leave your hair open or tie a high ponytail or braid it. Whatever you do, will look good.
  • For formal occasions, spiral perms for medium hair are a wonderful option. There’s something about the slight wave in the tresses that will add a skip in your stride.
  • If you’re looking for something that is a little docile and submissive, you can always bunch up your hair into a sexy bun, or a ponytail or any of the easy updos for medium hair mentioned here.
  • Another good medium hairstyle is the classic layered bob. Get this cute medium hairstyle and you’re sure to have heads turning, whether you curl your hair in or out!

Well then, if you’re ready to try these medium length hair styles 2011, then you know you’re ready for a major transformation. Good luck and happy hairstyling!   By Sujata Iyer

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