Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Makeup for Sensitive SkinDamn that sensitive skin! This is something I was habitual to saying. If you have a sensitive skin and have a problem finding the best sensitive skin care products, I completely understand your problem. I too have a sensitive skin and that made it really difficult for me to buy those amazing products and cosmetics that promised to pamper my skin. But, over a period of time, I discovered some awesome sensitive skin makeup that made it really easy for me. Applying whatever makeup I want became a piece of cake. All this, taking no extra effort and paying no extra mullah. I did this just by using some best makeup for sensitive skin tips and here I am, sharing them with you.

Good makeup for sensitive skin doesn’t come with a price tag, it just comes with an awareness tag. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while picking up those eye shadows and lipsticks. Stick to these guidelines and you’re set. You don’t need anything more. No frantically looking for sensitive skin products and no going to the spa every now and then. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Makeup for Sensitive Skin: Tips

Safe Ingredients in Makeup for Sensitive Skin
There are certain ingredients that you can avoid in advance to prevent irritation of the skin. For example, products that contain fragrance/perfume aggravate skin which leads to irritation. Avoid these and choose the fragrance and perfume-free products. Learn comparison of product labels. Pick up products that have lesser ingredients as this will ensure your skin being exposed to only a limited number of ingredients.

Face Makeup for Sensitive Skin
Choose your foundations, blushes and concealers wisely. Pick up ones that are labeled hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic as these are said to be the best foundations for sensitive skin. Also, select powder based products over liquid based. Liquid based products contain water which might develop bacteria. If liquid based products are something you just can’t live without (like me), pick up the ones that contain silicone. They don’t guarantee anything but are relatively much safer in terms of allergies, rashes and irritation. However, you can also buy the best mineral makeup for sensitive skin from any cosmetic store. Mineral makeup is mineral based and is thus safe.

Eye Makeup for Sensitive Skin
Being the most sensitive skin area on the face, eyelids need a lot more care and pampering than the rest. When you choose your eye shadow, see to it that you pick up light colored ones. If you use eyeliners, try sticking to black usually as it is gentler and softer than other pigments. Also pick wax based liners rather than liquid ones. The latter contain latex which might cause allergies and rashes. Throw away any sort of eye makeup after 3-4 months to be on the safer side. Learn more on makeup for sensitive eyes in this Buzzle article on sensitive eye makeup.

Lip Makeup for Sensitive Skin
Lips are not really very sensitive like other areas of skin on the face. However, some women and men alike, face a problem of dry and chapped lips even in summers. This can be avoided by using moisturizing chap sticks (for men) and lipsticks. These sort of rehydrate your lips and keep them from drying often. Also, don’t go for the long-lasting lipsticks and lip liners. These contain ingredients that might lead to drying and chapping. Always clean your face with the sensitive skin cleanser to avoid any other irritation.

Expiry Dates and Makeup for Sensitive Skin
Expiry dates play a major role while deciding makeup for sensitive skin. Make sure you keep checking the expiry dates of all your cosmetics and do away with them accordingly. If you happen to have a sensitive skin and use a product that has crossed its expiry date, chances of an allergy and rash are strong. This is perhaps the most important step in sensitive skin care. Cosmetics that have crossed their expiry dates might also affect people with a normal healthy skin.

Now that you know everything about makeup for sensitive skin, you can be ‘watchful’ while picking up your makeup next time. One more thing you can do is this. Next time you get red patches or a rash, list out the ingredients that you had used. Do this every time you get a rash or experience irritation. Over a period of time, you will be able to find out the exact ingredient that is causing you all that irritation and allergy. This is a complex way of finding out but you’ll nail it once and for all. After using the above makeup for sensitive skin, you mostly will never have to.    By Neha Joshi

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