Layered Bob Haircuts for 2011

Layered Bob Haircuts for 2011Ask any woman, what her way of combating depression is, and nine out of ten times, you will receive an answer that states haircuts as their preferred form of therapy. Looking good is important to the human species, and a haircut is the quickest way of getting a makeover and feeling great about oneself. If you are looking for a quick feel-good option, then opting for a layered bob haircut may be a good idea. The trend of layered bob haircuts for 2011 remains pretty much the same as last year. The drama and sensuality that is associated with layered bob hairstyles makes it a popular choice for most women. Also the angular nature of layered bob hairstyles can give you a very stylish and edgy look.

The continued popularity of layered bob haircuts for 2011 can also be attributed to the fact that this is one of the few hairstyles that suits most face shapes. While with most other hairstyles, you may be limited by their suitability to a specific face structure but with a layered bob haircut you can play around with the length and the bangs to suit your face type. With layered bob hairstyles, there is a lot of movement and texture that is added to the hair. Play around with hair colors to accentuate the haircut. Now that you know the reason for the popularity of layered bob haircuts, further in this Buzzle article on layered bob haircuts for 2011 we tell you, what are the different styles that you can opt for.

Layered Bob Hairstyles 2011

So you have decided to go in for a layered bob haircut, but you cannot decide which is the best option for you. There are different types of layered bob hairstyles that you can opt for depending on your face structure, your hair type, and the look you are aiming for. Let us take a look at these different styles.

For someone who has curly hair or smooth, silky hair, a long layered bob can look extremely good. This is especially true for women who have a round face. Opt for a layered haircut like an inverted bob, which leaves your neck and shoulders free. If you want to sport a slightly edgy, punk look, then opt to set your bangs to the side. With layered bob hairstyles, you do not have to worry about styling your hair. Instead opt to let them naturally for a fresh look. Just apply either a serum or hair wax to the tips of the hair, and run your fingers through your hair to style it. Long layered bobs for older women can be a stylish option.

If you are looking for a less edgy haircut, then opt for a soft layered bob hairstyle which suits almost any face structure and gives your face a slightly more gentle look. A graduated bob or a feathered bob can be a great option. A graduated bob which is one of the most popular options amongst layered bob haircuts for 2011 is a good choice for women of all ages, as it allows for a more stylish look while remaining in their comfort zone where hairstyling is concerned. This was one of the most popular options amongst layered bob haircuts for 2010. While the cut is more modern, the style is classic in its appearance. If you are opting for a feathered haircut, then it will look best, if you have an oval, oblong, or a diamond shaped face. For a more modern look opt for a choppy layered bob; a haircut that resembles a shaggy haircut. This is a funky look to opt for. With this layered haircut, you can completely change your look by just tweaking the hairstyle a bit. If you have straight hair, then opt to curl your hair slightly for a dramatic change. Loose curls can create a slightly delicate look with this edgy haircut. Also curls help you play around with the length of the hair. If you have round face, opt to avoid tight curls as that can make your look rounder, and create a fullness that you would want to avoid.

Opting for layered hairstyles especially the layered bob haircuts for 2011 that are so popular, can be a welcome change from the boring, monotonous hairstyles that everyone seems to wear. Opt to get a layered bob, and be ready to welcome the admiring glances that you are sure to get as you walk past.

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