Kids Fashion Trends

Kids Fashion TrendsColorful shirts, puff sleeves dresses, raw denim pants, belle shoes, laced frocks, and of course, cool accessories to go with these clothes! Well, kids fashion trends are more exciting and full of variety than us adults. Nowadays, children too love to dress up and look stylish wearing their favorite clothes and accessories. We’ve surely left those days behind, when mom and dad picked up a few “one size larger” clothes and made our hair the way they thought was appropriate! Kids today (even the 4 year olds) want to do their thing, wearing what they think suits them. And why shouldn’t they? Life in the year 2011 has people who are extremely style conscious and kids are no exceptions to this. So, here are some great fashion trends for kids 2011, put together just for you. Take a look at some ideas for trendy clothes for juniors.

Kids Fashion Trends 2011

There are various types of kids fashion trends which include upper and lower body clothes, one and more than one piece clothing, shoes, bags, eye-wear, accessories like headgear and jewelry, etc. The past year of 2010 saw various types of trends in kids fashion, where a number of designs and patterns in all these trends were introduced. Well, this year, there are many other designs which can be used and transformed according to your own creativity. So take a look at some swanky and bold ideas for these fashion trends for 2011, and use them in your own ways!

Kids Fashion Trends for Girls

  • Girls, right from the ages 0 to 12 years old can have a wide variety of choice to dress up and be dressed up. One of the most important fashion tips for girls in 2011 is to include as many colors like blue, purple, pink yellow, orange, red, green, whites, black, etc.
  • In the clothes, let’s start with the dresses which can make all those little girls look like dolls and princesses. Satin and cotton knee length dresses with designer necks, plaid short skirts and dresses, or velvet frocks are the best choices for pretty girls.
  • Printed and tie-dye, polka dots, stripes, bold plaids, frills, puff and quarter sleeves, etc. are a few patterns and designs which you might want to consider as well.
  • For the lower body famous fashion clothing, girls can combine leggings, premium jeans, pocket peelies, or regular jeans, or baggies depending on which suits the most. Skirts which are pleated, laced, denim, cotton, etc., can also be used under these gorgeous tops and blouses.
  • Accessories like stylish handbags, sling bags, backpacks, eye accessories, artificial funky jewelry and great shoes like keds, boots, or sandals and slippers can definitely be included in the kids fashion trends for girls.

Kids Fashion Trends for Boys

  • If you are looking for some fun and stylish fashion trends for boys aged from 0 to 12 years, you are surely at the right place! As much as there is for the little girls, you will find the same amount of variety even for boys.
  • The colors you can choose for boys can be darker shades of the rainbow colors, light blue, brown, gray, deep purple, magenta, red, orange, greens, etc. These colors are neutral and look great on boys with any skin tone!
  • Full sleeve shirts, printed tees with superheroes and cartoon characters, casual button up shirts with white tees, hoodies and cardigans would be perfect as fashion clothing for school. You can pick smart sports wear like ganjis, vests, sport jerseys, hooded tees, etc. and simple winter or summer jackets to go with these inners.
  • The pants can include jeans, skinny denim pants, military pants, khakis, faded denims, quarter pants, etc. are some perfect choices for kids fashion trends.
  • Shoes like bright colored sneakers, sports shoes, flat slip-ons, boots, converse shoes, athletic shoes, etc., can be your choices for funky footwear. Other fashion accessories like backpacks, sling bags, sports watches, hats, caps, and berets would accompany your stylish look perfectly.

Having given you a brief idea about some of the best kids fashion trends for this year, I am sure you wouldn’t mind taking your kids shopping! So, go ahead and give your little one a wardrobe makeover, so that he/she enjoys dressing up just as much as you do.

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