Hairstyles for Boys

Hairstyles for BoysIf you are tired of seeing your overgrown hair, then getting them cut into a trendy hairstyle for boys is a good ideas. You can visit a stylist and opt for one of the fresh hairstyles for boys. However, it is important to get the haircut which you have in mind. Either you can carry a picture of the haircut you want with you when going to the salon, or describe the stylist what kind of haircut you want. Here are the men’s hairstyles according to different hair types.

Hairstyles for Boys 2010

Layered Hairstyles for Boys with Short Hair

If you are looking for a trendy hairdo like Zack Efron, then try out these layered ideas of cool hairstyles for boys. These hairstyles with bangs are popular hairstyles with bangs, and can be seen sported by many surfers. To get this style, ask your stylist to cut your hair into a bowl haircut, except for keeping it longer at the back. Cut the front section into longer side bangs that fall on your eyes. You can get this cut styled with a razor, to get the sleek hairdo look. Getting a razor cut hairstyle is especially a good idea, if you are looking for hairstyles for boys with thick hair. As

Wavy Messy Hairstyles

If you have naturally wavy hair, or want to go for some messy hairdo to sport unkempt relaxed hairstyle look then use these ideas of shaggy hairstyles for boys. Get your hair cut into few layers, with volume near the crown and few bangs. Then on wet hair, use a hair gel and tousle your hair, and let it dry naturally. This will give you a stylish sexy messy hairstyle look.

Emo Hairstyles for Boys

To get emo hairstyles for boys, deep cropped hair look with spikes look great. Sleek shaggy hairstyles, which are parted at side and dyed black are common emo haircuts. You can also go for long or medium hair, by cutting them into deep crops, and keeping the back and sides longer, while the bangs small.

Faux Mohawk Hairstyles for Boys

Faux Mohawk or faux hawk haircut styles and ideas are not as dramatic as the Mohawk cuts, but are more toned down stylish modern cut. This style is also easy to maintain and get. To get this cut, the stylist will cut the hair on side very short into crops. The top hair will be cut longer. Then the top hair with an extra hold gel, is styled upwards and frontwards. You can also separate the hair ends in the faux hawk, to make it look spiky.

Mullet Hairstyles for Boys with Long Hair

If you have long hair, and want to try a modern looking haircut then use these long hair styles for boys ideas. Mullet when combined with other modern haircuts will give a cool look. Keep your back hair long, and trim the hair on the sides and top. Keep the crown hair longer than the side hair. You can cut the side hair very short, like in a buzz cut, and get some side cuts on it. Then cut and style the crown hair into a faux haux, by styling it upwards.

Spiky Short Haircuts

If you like the stylish spiky short haircuts, then use these ideas. Get your hair cut into a buzz cut, but keep your hair slightly longer on the top. Then using a gel, style your hair upwards. You can style all the hair into small upward spikes, or in random direction for a messier look.

Apart from the above mentioned trendy hairstyles for boys, you can also consider some hair color ideas. Adding lowlights to your plain hair, can give you a subtle textured hair look, and will bring out the natural color of your hair better. However, if you have too dark hair, or can’t go for lowlights, then getting few skinny streaks in a layered cut, or getting some chunky highlights for emo or spiky haircuts, can greatly add to your style.

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