Haircut Ideas for Men

Haircut Ideas for MenIn the busy world today, you will see that most of the men prefer to wear short haircuts. This is because people nowadays generally find no time for hair care and hairstyling. They just want to look stylish and at the same time want to avoid spending much time in styling and caring for hair. However, individuals from the punk community go in for long and colorful stylish hair. There are some haircut ideas for men that allow them to wear a simple hairdo for office, and with some styling, a trendy hairstyle for going to discotheques and similar places. Following are some good haircut styles and ideas for men.

Cool Haircut Ideas for Men

Mohawk: This is no doubt the most stylish men’s hairstyle. The world famous Mohawk hairstyle is made by cutting the hair from the sides, applying hairstyling gel to the top hair, and setting the hair right up. Along with professionals from the fashion industry, there are even many celebrities and sportsmen who have made the Mohawk their style statement.

Faux Hawk: This is yet again a very voguish type of haircut for men. You can say that it is an ‘as is’ variant of the conventional Mohawk haircut. In a faux hawk haircut, the hair is styled in a way similar to that in a Mohawk, but without cutting the hair at the sides. This trendy hairstyle for men allows you to change your hairstyle as you like.

Spike Cut: For styling a spike haircut, all you need is a few minutes and a good hairstyling gel. You can wear several different types of the spike hairstyle, depending on how long you hair is. Simple spikes of the front short hair, really makes for a great office look. On the other hand, for a little longer hair, you can make spiky hair throughout on the crown.

Crew Cut: The simplest of the cool hairstyles for men is the crew cut. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a military cut. In this haircut, all the hair on the crown and the sides is cut close to the scalp. And this is why it is believed to be one good hairstyle that demands the least amount of hair care and styling.

Buzz Cut: A buzz cut is a shorter variant of the crew cut. The hair is cut extremely close to the scalp, with the scalp actually visible. It seems as if the hair has just started growing from the scalp. This is also a haircut worn by many male celebrities.

Cornrows: This is one of the most popular haircut ideas for black men, especially due to the style and texture that it is associated with. The hair is braided and collectively woven so that it stays close to the scalp. You can create a lot many variations and patterns using cornrow styles on the scalp.

Mullet: A mullet haircut is one of the oldest haircuts which is even being worn today. Owing to the short hair in the front and long hair at the back, it is considered simple at the front and trendy from behind.

Shaggy Hairstyle: A shaggy hairstyle does not mean one which does not require styling. It surely requires styling and grooming, but just for the purpose of making the hair look messy. However, short and medium hairstyles are most appropriate if you are thinking of wearing a messy hairdo. You can even blend a shaggy hairstyle with stylish layered haircuts for men.

These are some contemporary haircut ideas for men. If you are thinking about long hairstyles for men, the relaxed hairstyle is most common for people with fine and silky hair.

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