Fashion Trends 2010

Fashion Trends 2010It’s time to say goodbye to the decade, and get ready for a whole new year and a whole new decade. But before greeting the fashion trends of the new year with open arms, let us take a look at the latest fashion trends 2010 which has the biggest impact on the fashion world. From the ramps and catwalks of Milan, they made a trip to every wardrobe in the world. So what set these fashion trends apart from the rest of the showcased trends. Why it is that these things of fashion stood out? The world of high fashion is unpredictable. You can never say with certainty what will catch the imagination of millions, but you can definitely wear it with panache. So let us take a trip down memory lane and see, which were the biggest fashion trends 2010.

  • Fashion Trends 2010: Spring/Summer

The spring/summer season of 2010 was all about creating a look that balance the formal with the casual, the elegant with the chic. The colors of the season all belonged to the neutral palette so those who kept up with fashion filled their wardrobes with colors like champagne, beige, etc. But neutral colors in no way translated to mean boring wardrobes, because prints were huge this season. From animal prints coming back in vogue to geometric patterns becoming a rage, contrasts to the neutral color palette hit the fashion market in a huge manner.

If you are talking spring and summer, you need to talk about shorts. And well, this season it was imperative to look good in shorts because the trend was all for wearing the shortest shorts possible. Super sexy and super comfortable was the way to go. Another fashion trend that caught on in a big way was boyfriend jeans teamed with clogs and heels. Adding tomboy style to your wardrobe was huge this season. Also big was wearing denims in as many different ways possible. So out came the denim skirts, waistcoats, and dresses.

A trend that did not remain exclusive to the spring season was ripped jeans. Several celebrities were wearing the same during the fall/winter season as well. A hint of the rugged, thanks to the jeans teamed with a military or leather jacket became the fashion trend to ape. This was also one of the biggest men fashion trends 2010. Another great way to rock this look for women was to team ripped jeans with a basic white tee and a black waist. These were just some of the biggest fashion trends 2010.

  • Fashion Trends 2010: Fall/Winter

A trip to the fifties fashion was on the cards of the fashion forward in the fall season of 2010 with women rediscovering their ultra feminine sides. Hourglass silhouettes were the design of the season with clothes that hugged every curve making a huge comeback. The hemlines became longer with skirts that hit just below the knee also making a huge comeback. Every clothing piece had a bit of a retro hit to it. Even if you were not a huge fan of the fifties fashion comeback, long skirts were here to stay. Skirts that flirted with ankle and shin lengths, teamed with kitten heels and flat boots were the way to go.

Another clothing item that was a huge hit was fur. Sure, PETA would not approve but a fur coat was on every fashionista’s shopping list this winter. Of course, for those amongst us who were more environmentally conscious, faux fur worked as well. Another winter fashion trend that made huge waves was the wrap. In a variety of materials like cashmere, fur, denim, and sequins for the nights out, this layered look gave a new twist to the hippie, bohemian style. Worn with monochromatic tights and suede boots, this was the look to rock this season.

While we have already spoken about how the feminine trend was huge, so was the androgynous look, with over-sized shirts, and business suits being donned by women. A great way of carrying off this look is to wear a man’s shirt with a broad belt and super skinny jeans. Team it with a woolen jacket and you should be good to go. The metallic look also ruled the runway, with many top designers opting to go all out with the bling. Using stones, sequins and metallic fabrics was a huge designing trend in the fall/winter collection of most designers.

Rewinding to the latest fashion trends 2010 tells us exactly what caught the fancy of the fashion gurus in the year gone by. But with a new year just around the corner, there are a lot more fashion trends that you can look at. Here’s to a fashionable happy new year.
By Tulika Nair

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