Face Wash for Dry Skin

Face Wash for Dry SkinDry skin is a pretty common phenomenon, especially during the winters, although some people might get it throughout the year as well. Dry skin can be caused due to various factors such as lack of water intake, hormonal imbalances in the body, direct exposure to sunlight or cold winds, certain genetic factors, lack of moisture as well as usage of inappropriate skin care products. As the reasons behind dry skin are aplenty, the remedies for it have to be manifold too. So, for starters, if you have excessive dry skin on face, the easiest thing for facial skincare that you can do is to choose and apply skincare products on it which are especially suited for dry skin. As keeping the face clean at all times is one of the most basic things to be followed in a skincare regimen, given here are some tips on choosing as well as making good face wash for dry skin.

Best Face Wash for Dry Skin

The market is flooded with face washes which proclaim to cleanse the skin effectively and make it flawless and glowing. Out of all the choices available, for dry skin, the best face wash is the one which moisturizes the skin along with cleansing it. So, look for ingredients such as ‘natural oils’, ‘olive oil’, ‘petrolatum’, ‘glycerin’, ‘aloe vera’, ‘soy extracts’, ‘Omega 3’, ‘chamomile’, ‘almond oil’, etc. which are known for their moisturizing properties. Also, choose facial cleansers which are ‘paraben-free’, ‘non-detergent’ and with ‘neutral-pH’ as these are gentle on the skin and do not over dry it. Avoid using any kind of soap on dry facial skin. You may further go to how to get rid of dry skin.

If you are willing to make an effort, you can prepare your own natural face wash for dry skin. The recipes given below make use of the natural ingredients available in your kitchen and hence are sans any ill effects.

Face Wash Recipe # 1
An effective homemade face wash for dry skin can be made by mixing two teaspoons of milk with a teaspoon each of honey and almond oil. Apply this mixture on the face, leave it on for fifteen minutes and then wash off to get a smooth, clean skin.

Face Wash Recipe # 2
Take one teaspoon each of chickpea powder and honey, a pinch of turmeric and enough milk to form a paste. Apply this mixture on the face, leave it on for ten minutes and then wash off. Chickpea powder cleanses the pores while honey works as an excellent skin moisturizer.

Face Wash Recipe # 3
Another homemade face wash for dry skin is made by mixing one egg yolk, a teaspoon each of olive oil and orange juice as well as a few drops of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face for fifteen minutes before washing it off. If you have a sensitive skin, avoid including orange juice in this face wash recipe.

To prevent over drying, the face wash for dry skin should not be used more than twice a day. As hot water can dry the skin even further, so make use of lukewarm water for washing the dry skin on face and pat dry. Follow this up by applying a heavy moisturizing lotion. A moisturizer is a must for dry skin to replenish the lost oils from the skin. To make your own moisturize at home, go to natural moisturizer for dry skin.

Besides application of face wash for dry skin for women, drinking at least two to three liters of water everyday is necessary to prevent the skin from drying out. Avoiding the sun during peak hours or covering the face with a scarf when out in extreme weather conditions are some other things that you should do in order to prevent skin dryness. Taking a healthy diet, exercising everyday and following the skin-care regimen of “cleansing, toning, scrubbing, moisturizing” will go a long way in giving you a clean, smooth and radiant complexion!  By Aastha Dogra

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