Cool Hairstyles for Round Faces

Cool Hairstyles for Round FacesHaving a round face tends to bless you with a few occasionally undesirable adjectives. If you have a round face, more often than not, you will be referred to as being cute, bubbly, sweet, and many other such compliments that make you feel like a five year old kid rather than a fully grown woman (or man). Take it from personal experience. One foolproof way of taking away attention from the fact that your face is round shaped is to get a haircut that will give it the illusion of length to your face. There are a couple of cool hairstyles for round faces for men and women that will surely help you leave behind the era of cuteness.

Cool Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Let’s face it. Women have a lot more options when it comes to haircuts and fashion than men, and it is easier for them to disguise perceived flaws. Whatever the length of your hair, there are a couple of great options for hairstyles for round faces that you can opt for in order to make your face look less fuller.

Long Layers
Women with round faces are lucky in the sense that unlike women who have long faces, they can carry off long hair with elan. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, a long layered haircut can work wonders for you. In consultation with your hairstylist, opt for layers that start from chin length, and follow the length of your hair. You could also opt for bangs which are side-swept which will give your face a slightly angular look. For women with curly hair, having big hair can make your face look rounder than it is in actuality. It is important to add layers to give it a slight tapering look. You could also opt to straighten only the bangs and style them in a side-swept manner.

Bob Haircut
You may wonder at the inclusion of this haircut in this list because more often than not the wrong length of a bob can make your face look rounder than it is. But with the proper length and a good cut, this can be the perfect look for women who are looking for a medium length haircut. An inverted bob like the one Katie Holmes used to sport is an extremely popular look for women with round faces. Ensure that the length of the layers is such that the hair in the front fall below the jawline, and then ensure that the hair at the back is cut at the nape. The romantic bob which is reminiscent of the 1920’s and which was a look that Renee Zellweger sported in the movie Chicago can also be a brilliant look to sport.

Pixie Cut
Okay, agreed. All of us do not have the ethereal beauty of Halle Berry and may not be able to carry off the pixie cut very well but this can be a perfect hairstyle for women with a round face. What also increases the appeal of the haircut is the fact that it is suitable for women of almost all ages. If you have a round face and are opting for the pixie cut, then ensure that the hair is not cropped to the head as that will only enhance the roundness of your face. Ask your hairstylist to add bangs to your haircut and style them towards the side as that will cut the roundness of your face.

Cool Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces

More often than not, most hairstyle articles do not focus on what men can do in order to conceal their perceived flaws. In this article, we give you a few hairstyles for men with round faces who are bothered by the shape of their face and its effect on their overall appearance.

Shaggy and Messy Hair
If your job is such that there is no demand made on the way you look, then you can opt for a messy, just out of bed look, especially if you have thick hair. Ask your hairstylist to give you a few layers so that you have volume in your hair. Styling your hair to achieve that messy look is very easy. All you need to do is apply hair serum to your hair after washing your hair, tousle it slightly, and then let it air dry. While this is a great haircut for men with round faces, it may not work well for the professional setting.

Razor Cut
This hairstyle works best if you have straight hair, as you will be opting to get slight bangs that will frame your face and give an illusion of roundness. It works by reducing the fullness of the hair at the sides, which thereby makes your face appear narrower than it is. It is extremely easy to maintain this haircut, all you need to do is gel your hair well, and use a hairbrush on your hair.

Crew Cut with Spikes
Another haircut that can work wonders for guys who have round face is a military cut or a crew cut. But ensure that the hair is not cropped too close to the head. Accentuate this hairstyle with the hair on the crown kept longer and styles to create a spiked look. This is a stylish and fun look for guys and works very well for men with round faces.

These are just some of the cool hairstyles for round faces that men and women can try out. The best way to opt for a good haircut to flatter your face shape is to pick out some good images and discuss the same with your hairstylist who would be able to tell you whether or not it suits you. Once you have decided on a hairstyle that works for you and you like, you should be able to get rid of the tag of cute that has been haunting you all your life.

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