Clubwear for Men

Clubwear for MenThe common misconception that it is easier for guys to get dressed, is slowly dying! Gone are the days when men’s fashion was limited to a boring pair of trousers and an equally boring shirt. Whether clothes or accessories, they have a lot to choose from. One such style that has gone through a major makeover is club wear for men. Hard to believe, is it? It’s true, club attire for them is all snazzy nowadays. Funny, yet interesting, the list of do’s and don’ts is way more detailed for men than it is for women. Either way, most women just know how to put an outfit together. Effortlessly, if I may say so. Right now however, we’ll only deal with club wear for men.

Club wear for Guys

Club wear is a large part of men’s fashion these days. It’s all about looking good and making a statement. But how does one define stylish or fashionable? Fashion means different things to different people, though the majority will say that fashion is all about looking good in something while maintaining a high level of comfort at the same time. Well, it’s true. But wait… Does that idea of style and comfort confuse you about what to wear to a club? Let’s see if we can do something to get rid of that confusion for you…

Begin by choosing your look carefully. While you do not need to look formal in a business-like manner, you most certainly need to be appropriately dressed for a club. A lot of guys think a shirt kills the casual look. Guess what… It doesn’t! If anything, it only looks suave and appealing. Believe me, women find guys like this a lot more appealing as opposed to those with a ridiculously casual appearance. In all honesty, your look will seem just right if you strike a balance between casual and formal.

The next important pointer is to stay away from anything that resembles gym wear in the the slightest bit!! Do not, and I mean DO NOT wear stuff like shorts, hoodies and sweatshirts. They do not qualify as a look for anything apart from lounging around at home or working out. If for some reason you aren’t the one who like the look of formal trousers for outings like such, just work with a well fitted pair of jeans. Dark wash denims teamed with a shirt are the perfect look if you are seeking that casual charm.

Since we did just mention wearing jeans, maybe we should go over what the best fit of jeans to wear is. The flair or bootleg is a definite no! Another fit that guys should stay away from is the skinny fit. There are very few (and I mean, very few) guys who can carry off this look. If you aren’t one of them, do not take a chance with the hope to look trendy. Just stick with the classic straight leg. It looks good on everyone, so you’ll never have reason to doubt yourself.

Following the clothes are the shoes. One of the ways most women judge a man is by checking out his shoes. So, you know what to do, right? Wear nice shoes. A great pair of dress shoes is the best look for club wear. It works well with both, jeans as well as trousers. The versatility of these shoes will permit both, a casual as well as a semi-formal look. Brands to choose from are Timberland, Lacoste, Steve Madden, Polo Ralph Lauren, or Diesel.

What Not to Wear

While those tips were the do’s for club wear for men, looks you should unquestionably stay away from are T-shirts, colorful or white jeans. They’re just wrong!! Extra jazz like sparkles and rhinestones are another mistake! Ed Hardy has been popular for these styles, and if you like it, so be it. Just don’t use it as club wear. Lastly, the matter regarding shoes… No sneakers or sandals please. Most clubs won’t even let you in if you aren’t wearing appropriate shoes.

Hopefully, all of the above mentioned will help you put together your look for your next night out. It is also a good idea to find out the dress code of the club you might be going to, because a lot of clubs do in fact follow a certain dress code. Once you’ve got that sorted, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and paint the town red!!   Source


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