Capri Pants for Women

Capri Pants for WomenWhile you browse through the comfy clothing pieces, I am sure that you won’t miss out the Capri pants. Capri pants are amongst those types of pants that offer ultimate style and comfort. A versatile piece of fashion clothing, Capris have been a favorite of ladies since years. The wide range of options available in Capri pants for women helps you find a suitable piece for casual as well as formal occasions. Well, choosing the right Capri is essential to get the best look with this stylish women’s clothing. Here’s more about choosing and rightly wearing the comfy Capri pants for women.

Choosing the Right Capri Pant

While you choose the Capri pants for women, length is the most important factor to be considered. A wrong length can completely ruin your looks. Most often a pant that is too short or too long is chosen by ladies. The right length of Capri pant for women is the one which falls midway between knees and ankle. An ankle length or knee length piece is not a Capri pant. Though such pieces are also highly popular let me tell that they do not fall under the Capri pants category! Those mid-calf length pieces are the the ultimate Capri pants that impart a wonderful look to the wearer. Taller women have the benefit of experimenting the shortest and longest length of women’s Capri pants as both styles can look great on their body. Remember that many fashion experts advice shorter ladies to avoid Capri pants as these can make them look even shorter. But if you still want to have one, make sure that you try out various lengths and fits to find the best looking pieces.

Next important factor to be consider while choosing Capri pants for women is its fit. You will find pants in variety of fits and fabrics. Let me tell that right fit of Capri pants for women depends upon its fabric and the body type of women wearing it. Like a fit that looks great for cotton Capri might not be the best for denim Capris. Skinny girls must stay away from tight fitting Capris. Try out the semi-fit pants in this style and I am sure that you’ll love to flaunt your cool look. Again, cotton Capris look best in loose fit or straight fit. The Capri pants which hug the thighs and have a flared cut below the knees are great for those perfect figures. Formal Capris come in trouser style and often have a straight fit which looks class apart. You can go for tight fitting denim Capris that look extremely stylish. Those with folded hem are another popular style which you would have already seen a lot around you.

How To Wear Capri Pants

While choosing the right piece is an essential part of having the best looking Capri, wearing one in the right way is a must to get the best appearance with this fashionable piece of clothing. While you wonder about the right way of wearing the Capri pant, what matters the most is a top having the right length, a good color combination and a perfect pair of footwear. Let me tell that those long tunics or tops, loose long tees are not for your pair of Capri. All you need to search for is a nice looking and good fitting top that does not fall more than a just a few inches below your waistline. You can try out various types of tees and tops over the Capri pants. For a formal look, grab your crisp white shirt, add a narrow belt and pair it with a formal Capri pant in gray or beige color. If you are amongst the slimmer lot, try tucking in the shirt and get set to turn all eyes towards you.

Wondering how to wear boots with Capri pants for women? Let me tell that you need to try out and check out whether a particular pair of shoe goes well with the attire. The ballet flats, wedges and sneakers are ultimate picks to be paired with Capri pants. You can further try a comfy sport shoe or even a cool flip flop with cargo Capri pants for women. If you are donning the formal gray or black Capri pants for women, pencil heeled sandals and peep toes can work well.

So are you ready to look cool and feel comfortable with a pair of Capri pants for women? Well, just browse through the latest fashion trends in this and get set to pick the one that suits you the most. Let me tell that the key to have best looking Capri pant is trying it out with a good top and then shopping for a perfect pair of footwear to complete your attire. Add the right waist belt and get ready to flaunt your latest fashion clothing.

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