Blowout Haircut

Blowout HaircutThe blowout hairstyle was very popular during the early 2000’s. The blowout hairstyle was made popular by Roh Reha in the reality TV show ‘Growing Up Gotti’. There was even a video called as ‘My New Haircut’ for the blowout haircut style. To get a blowout haircut you will need to cut the hair in a certain way and style it properly to get the blowout effect. Here are steps to style your hair and more ideas on variations.

Blowout Haircut for Guys

How to do a Blowout Haircut?

To get the best effect of the blowout haircut styles and ideas get it done at a salon. However, with some ideas you can style your hair into these men’s hairstyles at home. For blowout hairstyling you will need short hair, here are the steps to create a blowout hairstyle.

  • Shampoo your hair and then wash it with water, then use a good conditioner and keep it on your hair for two minutes, then wash the hair again. Conditioning is important as it will protect the hair against harsh blow drying, and also make it manageable. Then towel dry your hair, and keep it damp. Cut the hair in such way that the back hair and side hair are short, while the crown hair are slightly longer.
  • Take a wide tooth comb, and comb all your in upwards direction, after this take a squirt of hair serum and apply it on your hair, then apply a bit of extra hold gel on the hair. Serum will protect the hair, while gel will allow the haircuts to be styled easily.
  • Now part your hair into different sections, and use hair clips to secure the hair sections. Make four hair sections, two for each side, one for the crown and one for the back hair.
  • Now release the back hair section, and take a round hair brush in one hand and blow dryer on the next. Whenever using blow dryer, use low or medium heat and hold it some inches away to protect the scalp and hair from heat. Keep brushing the hair upwards and simultaneously move the blow dryer with the motion of the hair brush.
  • Keep doing the above step, till you are happy with the effect of that hair section. For each section brush upwards in such a way that all the hair go upwards. Side and back hair should be brushed upwards and slightly towards the crown, while crown hair should be directly brushed upwards.
  • If you want a fluffy look of the blowout hairstyle, then let it be. But, if you wish to make the hair ends look well defined, then use pea amount of gel on your fingers and separate out the hair ends and create spiky hair ends, by moving your fingers near the hair ends.

Various Styles of Blowout Haircut for Men

The above steps was to create a blowout hairstyle, with a normal short haircuts. But, if you want a more updated style then get your hair cut into a faux hawk, or style your hair in such a way that only the middle band is styled in the blowout haircut style. Apply a gel to the sides of the hair to make them flat against the scalp, and use an extra hold gel and blow dry upwards with a brush to create a cool faux hawk style. You can also go with a buzz cut, shave off the side hair and keep the crown hair longer, and then style it into a blowout style.

To add more to the blowout haircut, why not consider trying out some hair coloring. Hair lowlights will look great on a blowout hairstyle. Just get lowlights which are of 2-3 shades lighter than your base hair color. But, make sure you get them at a salon, as coloring your hair at home to get hair lowlights is not advisable.

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