Best Perfumes for Women 2011

Best Perfumes for Women 2011The scent of a woman is something that she needs to identify with. She needs to be comfortable with the fragrance that she is identified with. It should suit her body, her personality and of course the occasion for which she is wearing the perfume. While most women buy perfumes that they think they like, they should always take a second opinion from someone who will be completely honest with them. If you like the fragrance, but it revolts everyone around you, then there’s no real point of wearing it, is there? Buying a perfume is an art that can be mastered with the right help and advice. And that’s exactly what we’ll give you in this article. Read it to know more about the best perfumes for women 2011. There is information about the most popular ones and some that have been recently launched. Enjoy them and get ready to splurge!

Top Perfumes for Women 2011

A perfume is one of the best accessories that can be worn by a woman. It is one of the first things that strikes the person she comes in close contact with, and the last thing that she will be remembered by, even after she physically moves away from the place. So it only makes sense to wear a perfume that accentuates your personality and leaves a lingering effect. Some of the most popular perfumes for women 2011 are listed below. Pick any of them, and you’ll love yourself even more.

212 White Perfume ~ Carolina Herrera
This is one of those perfumes men love. And why not. It has a typical New York City air to it. A divine blend of exotic fragrances like musk, pepper, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, mandarin, peony and benjoin, there’s absolutely nothing not to like in it. It renders a very wintery feeling to the wearer and is one of the best perfumes for 2011.

Brit ~ Burberry
No list of top perfumes for women 2011 is complete without Burberry Brit on it. The first thing that will make you want to buy this typical British perfume is its adorable bottle. Complete with its gorgeous plaid pattern, there’s something really sophisticated about it, that will draw your attention to it. It has strong tones of green almonds, lime and frosted pears and subtle hints of amber, vanilla, tonka bean and mahogany. All these combined, make for a superb blend of a fragrance that can be worn casually as well as for formal occasions.

Lady Million ~ Paco Rabanne
If you thought the commercials of this perfume were alluring, then you absolutely must get a bottle of this one. One of the top perfumes for women, Lady Million is one of those ultra glamorous perfumes that you simply cannot ignore. First, it’s the simply stunning bottle that catches your eye. And after you’re over that, you are given a whiff of the sultry and sexy fragrance which is a combination of fruity and fresh tones. While it has hints of raspberry, musk and amber, it has a luxurious addition of honey to make it even more desirable.

Lola Velvet ~ Marc Jacobs
Another of those perfumes that drive men crazy is Lola Velvet. Spunky and flirtatious at the same time is what you’ll feel when you wear this fragrance. The loud design of the bottle will take care of the ‘getting you to buy it’ part. With pink peppercorn, red grapefruit, rose, geranium, vanilla musk, tonka bean and fuchsia peony, all blended together, there’s definitely scope for some mischief.

Once Upon a Time ~ Kenzo
One of the best perfumes for women 2011 is Kenzo’s Once Upon a Time. Don’t let the fairytale name fool you. It has a strongly seductive fragrance, blended with unmistakable expertise. While the top note of this perfume is magnolia, rose, freesia and peony, it also has some notes of the ever exotic musk, sandalwood and amber. This is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Heat Rush ~ Beyoncé Knowles
This is one of the latest perfumes for women 2011. Launching in February 2011, Heat Rush is a sequel to Beyoncé’s earlier fragrance, called Heat. Brazilian cherry, passion fruit sorbet and orange are the key notes of this perfume, followed by a heart note of flowers like orange hibiscus, mango blossoms and yellow tiger orchid. The base note is a lovely fusion of amber, honey, and musk. Now you know why it’s called Heat Rush, don’t you?

Well, that was our interpretation of best perfumes for women 2011. There are definitely many more out there. So indulge yourself and enjoy the attention you’ll get.  By Sujata Iyer

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