Best Engagement Rings

Best Engagement RingsDo you want to see the sparkle in your girlfriend’s eyes when you propose to her with a beautiful engagement ring? Choosing an engagement ring can be an intimidating task and the best thing to do is to let your girlfriend pick one. But if you want to surprise her, then you have to do the selection of the ring yourself. With so many jewelry brands and so much talk about cut, carat and clarity, you are bound to get confused. No doubt you want one of the best engagement rings for your girl. Here we will discuss about the best engagement ring that you can select for your girlfriend.

Best Engagement Rings

The best engagement ring is one that has a good stone of an excellent cut and clarity. The setting of the stone on the ring, the metal used for making the ring and the finish of the ring are also very important factors that you should keep in mind. Diamond engagement rings are of course the perennial favorite. There is something about the romance an mystique of a diamond that makes it an ideal stone to be used in engagement rings. That is not to say that you should not overlook the other precious stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald. Some of the best and most expensive engagement rings has emeralds and sapphires as the main stone. One very good idea is to get an engagement ring with a round or cushion cut diamond stone flanked by two smaller sapphire stones on either side. This style of three stone engagement ring is very much popular and most would be brides prefer it to the regular diamond solitaires.

The best engagement rings are those in which the stone used is nearly colorless (in case of diamonds) with no flaws and which is of brilliant cut. Remember that the cut of the stone has a bearing on the brilliance of the stone. For example a round cut or a pear cut stone will have a greater brilliance because of the high number of facets that it has. In comparison a square cut or emerald cut stone will have a lesser brilliance. So, you need to take this into account while choosing an engagement ring.

Traditionally a solitaire diamond makes the perfect engagement ring. But there are other mounts and setting available that makes an unique engagement ring. As mentioned earlier, the beauty of an engagement ring also depends to a large extend on the setting used as well as its design. A claw setting with a solitaire diamond, a pave diamond setting along with a central diamond, a three gemstone setting, a side stone setting, a channel setting are some of the popular settings in engagement rings that are very popular nowadays. If you have a antique diamond ring that has been passed on through generations in your family, you can use this for your proposal. The best antique engagement rings can be bought from high end jewelry stores like Tiffany. There is nothing more thrilling for a girl than to get an antique Tiffany engagement ring. Fancy engagement rings like cananry yellow engagement rings and pear shaped engagement rings are also very much in vogue.

This was all about the best engagement rings. Engagement rings are a symbol of love, loyalty and togetherness. When you have decided to spend the rest of your life together, why not solemnize it by giving her one the best engagement rings that you can afford. The happiness that you will see on her face will be well worth the effort and time you take to find the perfect ring for her.

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