Beaded Bracelet Ideas

Beaded Bracelet IdeasMaking your own jewelry is a lot of fun and you can come up with a unique piece that no one else has. One of the simplest and easiest jewelry to make is a beaded bracelet. Hand made beaded bracelet makes a great fashion accessory and you can even gift them to your friends. For making beaded bracelets, you will need some simple craft supplies and lots of beautiful beads. Wondering how to make handmade beaded bracelets? Well, there are many designs and patterns for making beaded bracelets. Here we are going to discuss some beaded bracelet ideas that you can easily use at home.

Beaded Bracelet Patterns

There are numerous beaded bracelet ideas and you can use your creativity to come with different bracelet making patterns. Some of the most popular beaded bracelet patterns are single strand bracelet, double strand bracelet, multi-strand bracelet, wire bracelet, beaded charm bracelet and cuff bracelets. Given below are two ideas on making beaded bracelets.

Single Strand Garnet Beads and Pearl Bracelet

Things required

  • A string of oval pearls
  • 1 strand oval garnet beads
  • Flexible beading wire
  • Silver heart shaped clasp
  • 2 silver bead caps
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 1 round white pearl


To make this bead bracelet pattern, first slide the silver heart shaped clasp on one end of the flexible wire. When the clasp is in place, slide one of the bead caps into the wire. Next slide the crimp bead and follow it with one garnet bead. Next string 2 white pearls followed by one garnet bead. Continue stringing beads in this way until you have your desired length. Now string the bead cap followed by the big round pearl and the crimp bead. Your single strand garnet and pearl bracelet is ready.

Multistrand Rose Quartz Beads Bracelet

Things required

  • 27 small round rose quartz beads
  • 16 round white pearls
  • 15 inches of chain
  • 1 lobster claw clasp with tab
  • Flexible beading wire
  • 2 jumprings
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 22 gage wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers


First slide a jumpring on the flexible beading wire and crimp it with the round nose pliers. Next string three rose quartz beads followed by one round pearl. Repeat this beading pattern 6 times and crimp the end of the beading wire to another jumpring. This is the middle strand of your beaded bracelet.

Next with the wire cutters, cut two 3.5 inch length of chain and attach one 3.5 inch chain to a flexible wire with a wrap loop. Bead one round pearl followed by one rose quartz and one pearl. Cut a one inch length of chain and attach it to the flexible wire. Continue beading one pearl, one rose quartz and one more pearl followed with a 3.5 inch chain. Repeat the same sequence with another piece of flexible wire beading.

Once you have the three beaded strands with you, lay the strands out in front of you in your work table. Attach the chain to the jumprings, on the middle bead strand. Next attach the lobster claw clasp to one end of the jumpring and tab to the other end of the jumpring. This is one of the best multi strand beaded bracelet ideas.

These were some beaded bracelet ideas that you can use for making a bracelet at home. Use different colored and shaped beads to make bracelet designs with beads. Combining other craft materials like ribbons, sequins, shells, chains, feathers and buttons will make your beaded bracelet more attractive and unique. Now that you know how to make a beaded bracelet you can make beautiful bracelets for yourself. Jewelry making is a very fun and creative craft and you can come up with many ideas for making bracelets, necklaces and earrings.   By Rimlee Bhuyan

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