African American Wedding Hairstyles

African American Wedding HairstylesAfrican American wedding hairstyles  are said to be the most appealing ones. In general, the African Americans keep experimenting with this aspect, and especially during a wedding function, there has to be something very innovative that the bride and groom have to come up with to look exceptional, and these naturally curly haired people exactly know how to do it.

To look presentable and stylish is the first thing which strikes a person’s mind who is planning to attend a wedding function, and specially when it is an African American wedding function, a person has to do something very unique and out of the world to look different from others. This is because all the African Americans have this natural ability to make a style statement of their own and are generally very casual about everything they wear and do. To look different from others is not what they actually intend to do, but we can say that they are not afraid to try anything new irrespective of whether people like it or not, and that’s actually the way their livingstyle is, and a lot of people from different regions do try to look and imitate them whether in terms of clothes, accent, body language or their hairstyle.

African American Wedding Hairstyles For Men & Women

It is believed that most women love to experiment with their hairstyle, and men normally like to keep it simple. But this is not true in case of African American men, they love to do the same also. Hairstyles which are normally preferred during an African American wedding function, by the couple and guests alike are as follows:

African American Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair:

Clean Head (Bald)

It is the most common hairstyle amongst the men and the most basic one also. The African Americans believe that going bald is the easiest African American wedding hairstyle as it can be done in no time, is socially accepted amongst them, and is the best way to get rid of curly hair.

Shaved Hairstyle

Hair is just slightly grown, one can say, just next to being completely bald. At the back of the head there is a design which is done with the help of a blade or a hair chopping machine. This is done as a style statement and just to present a look different from the rest. It is sure to stand out in the crowd, besides being comfortable to wear.


Mohawk is also one of the hairstyles which is followed by the African Americans, but not on a very large scale. This is because it is suitable for people generally with straight hair or semi-straight hair. However, if an African American wants to do it, they can wear it by straightening the hair. Style your side hair at the back, and use a hairspray to hold them in place. it is just the perfect hairstyle to wear on your wedding day, or even if you are one of the guests at the function. Read some more on black mohawk hairstyles.

Afro Hairstyle (Black Hairstyle)

Black hairstyles complement the naturally curly haired people and suits them the most. It allows the hair to extend out from the head like a ball. They are also easy to maintain and don’t need much fuss over.

African American Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Hair Braiding

This is something which both men and women love to do and is a very commonly practiced African American wedding hairstyle. Black braid hairstyles are only possible for a person who has long hair and for those who are ready to take the braid hairstyles and gaps between their hair. Braid hairstyles give you that different excellent look, and is something very popular especially for a wedding reception. Then there is the micro braid hairstyles for weddings that is quite popular, besides being comfortable to carry. This style is also one of the most versatile one among many. The ladies can have a look at some more black hair braid hairstyles and hairstyles for African American women.

Sweeping Bangs

It simple means to make the hair straight with the help of a flat iron. Sweeping bangs hairstyle is usually done by people who don’t prefer curls but still want to grow their hair and make a partition. Not a lot of African Americans do this because they prefer really short hair and this is possible only with long hair. Also refer to a few more interesting articles on hairstyles with bangs.

African Americans are known for creating their own trends, and what ever they do becomes a style statement very soon. They generally tend to wear clothes with very bright colors, and when it comes to coloring the hair, they use the same trick.

I hope that people who have read the article have got relevant information about the African American wedding hairstyles, which might just help them try a few of the above.

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