Thigh High Boots

Thigh High BootsOf the latest fall fashion trends, thigh high boots, among all of the variety in women’s shoes, are the current rage. Worn and flaunted by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t own a pair of one yourself. In fact, thigh high boots are quickly emerging as a funky and trendy alternative to the mundane pants and leggings. Now there is a belief that these otherwise beautiful boots have a slightly cheap association, like that of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. This is why, knowing how to wear them without coming across as someone who dresses provocatively or in a way that can be misunderstood, is very important. Here, we suggest some ways in which you can carry of these gorgeous women’s boots with panache.

How to Wear Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are perfect for an evening at a party or on a night out with the girls. Now a lot goes in ensuring that you carry off these boots well. These are also popularly known as winter boots for women, and can be worn even in a formal daytime setting. Start by choosing the right pair. You want to get something simple and elegant, not loud and garish. This means the colors should be neutral, like black, gray, brown and other colors. You may opt for leather or suede thigh high boots for women. Unfortunately, since these boots are thigh high, the fit of these shoes matters too. These are not a simple pair of shoes you can wear no matter what the rest of your body is like. Fortunately, all the styles are also available in form of plus size thigh high boots for women. To learn more about such boots, you may take a look at this article on thigh high boots for plus size women. In fact, if you invest in the skin fit version, they can give your thighs and legs a slender appeal and hide any flaws that prevented you from being the fashion diva you wanted to be all along.

* The beauty about thigh high boots is that they easily eliminate the need to wear pants or tights. You can simply wear a beautiful short dress along with these. So that you don’t insinuate anything but a fashion statement, wear a baggy dress in a solid color along with these boots. Keep the accessories minimal, and let your boots be the focal point of your ensemble.
* You can also choose to wear shorts and mini-skirts along with these boots. To eliminate the need for pants completely, try to get skirts that fall slightly over the boots, or boots that are high enough to hide below your skirt. This, however, is not completely necessary, as you can wear your dresses and skirts with boots that are slightly over the knee or knee high boots for women.
* Remember to wear a trendy jacket, blazer and in some cases, a scarf to complete your ensemble. Long, beaded chains, turtle necks, long shirts with an opaque pair of tights followed by your thigh high boots, and other such accessories and clothing items will only enhance your overall look.
* If you already have slender legs and are on the taller side, choose thigh high boots that are flat, without a heel. These look beautiful, and do not have you towering over the rest of the crowd, or looking lanky.
* Thigh high boots can also be worn over skinny fit jeans, and a simple plain t-shirt that has been tucked into the jeans. Make a statement with a bold but not loud belt, and your apparel will be complete.
* If you can dare enough, choose from a larger palette of colors such as purple, blue and maroon, paired with an outfit in one solid color. Nothing speaks trendy more than such an ensemble.

With thigh high boots re-emerging this fall, you will find them available every where. You can find cheap thigh high boots online, but investing in shoes over the web is not such a great idea, as you can never be too sure of the fit and the way they look. It is always a better idea to go to a store, and choose the perfect pair for yourself, flaunt it with attitude and elegance, to create a bold fashion statement!

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