Short Haircuts 2011 for Women

Short Haircuts 2011 for WomenIf you are tired of maintaining your long hair, then this year why not sport a super cute short haircut? Short haircuts are low on maintenance, which means you don’t have to spend too much time shampooing, conditioning and styling it. Also, short hair tend to remain softer and better in texture compared to long and medium hair. For longer hair one needs to pay special attention on deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, hair masks, etc. Also, when its hot, long hair can be a pain. So, why not get your hair cut short? There are many trendy short haircuts 2011 for women options, here is a list describing them.

Short Hair Styles 2011 for Women

Spiky Styles: Spiky short haircuts for women are good for those, who like to carry the edgy look. Get a short haircut, or get your hair cut into medium crops. Then on damp hair apply a gel and tousle your hair, and style them spiky.

Cute Pixie Styles: These short haircuts 2011 for women are very popular and look extremely cute. To get these short hairstyles for women, cut the side hair into short crops and the crown hair longer. Then cut the front hair into bangs. The longer and choppy the bangs, the more stylish the look will be.

Faux Hawk: These are very short haircuts for women that look extremely cool. To get a faux hawk, cut the side hair into short crops, and keep the middle hair longer and cut tapering at the ends. Then on damp hair apply a styling gel, and with your fingers style the hair upwards and frontwards. Place some strands on forehead to create bangs.

Short Layered Styles: These short haircuts have been popular for the past year too. They look good on women of all ages. To get these cuts, cut your hair into layers and flip them outwards. Then cut the front section into side sweeping bangs.

Sleek Layered Styles: These layered styles are getting very popular. To get these trendy short haircuts, cut the back hair into short crops, and the side hair long and tapering. Then cut the front hair into choppy bangs. Add a bit of hair coloring ideas to make these styles look even more trendy.

Short Sleek Bob: To get a sleek sexy cute short haircut, get your hair cut into a blunt bob and cut the front hair into a Cleopatra style bangs. Then dye your hair totally into shiny raven black or platinum blonde.

Stylish Inverted Bob: Inverted short haircuts for women still continue to be popular. To get these chic styles, cut the back hair very short near the nape of the neck, and the side hair longer. You can keep the sides cut symmetrical for a balanced look, or asymmetrical for an edgy stylish look. Side bangs look great with this style.

Romantic Bob: These short curly hair styles 2011 for women look very cute, and suit all face shapes, especially heart and round face shape. These are 1920’s style which have become popular again. To get these short haircuts for curly hair, simply cut your hair into a blunt or inverted bob.

Choppy Bob: Get an Asymmetrical inverted bob in your hair, and to make this short haircuts 2011 even more stylish get choppy layers done. Also, cut the bangs choppy.

These were the various suggestions on short haircuts 2011 for women. To make your short haircut look more fun and exciting, try out different hair accessories with it. Sometimes you can tie your short hair into a cute pony with a colorful rubber band. Sometimes, wear a braided headband, and sometimes wear colorful snap clips.

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