How to Wear Eyeliner

How to Wear EyelinerWhen it comes to makeup, the part I just love is the eye makeup, especially the smoky one! I don’t know why but I guess it suits me and looks killer! Honestly, what I would prefer is a charcoal line and a black eyeshadow. Just perfect! However, many women can’t do without a good eyeliner. Yeah, it looks cool but I am not really the eyeliner kinda as I have never really used it that often and I have a tough time applying it. And so do many of you, if I am not mistaken! Well, there we try to solve all your doubts on this eye makeup and help you through the process. Let us see then, how to wear eyeliner easily and in the right way.

How to Wear Eyeliner ~ Steps

Those of you, used to wearing eyeliner on a regular basis won’t find it a big deal however, applying eyeliner needs practice. Once you get used to it, it is as simple as applying charcoal pencil, trust me. Now, let us see the steps of how to apply eyeliner.

Let me tell you, keep an eyeshadow handy since the blend of both looks awesome. Wash your face and eyes in particular neatly and dry them. Initially, apply the eyeshadow to both your eyes. Learn more on this in eyeshadow application.

Once you are done with the eyeshadowing, be ready with the eyeliner of your choice. Here, many people prefer eyeliner pencil over liquid eyeliner however, the technique of applying is almost the same for both.

Wondering, how to apply pencil eyeliner? Well, while using pencil, be sure the tip is pointed and thin and then hold it in your dominant hand. Stand in front of the mirror, close one eye and make a line just above your eyelashes, in the outward direction. Make several such lines according to the thickness you choose. You could apply it to the bottom lid as well, just a thin line though.

The liquid eyeliner, on the other hand, requires a bit of skill. Use a pointed and soft brush to apply the same. Do not apply in one go. Instead, apply in 3 strokes, inner, middle and outer corner separately and then join the three. You could thicken the outer corner so as to give a smoky and dark sort of look. Go about the entire process with your eyes open. This allows the liquid eyeliner to blend well. Let it dry for sometime. You are done! Well, now you know how to apply liquid eyeliner, don’t you?

How to Wear Eyeliner ~ Advice and Tips

Here are some easy eyeliner tips and tricks which you need to know before you opt for applying eyeliner.

  • First of all, go for good quality eyeliners in the market. Do not compromise on cost since you are likely to get eye infections with the cheaper ones. Check some of the best liquid eyeliners and choose for yourself.
  • Use the best pencil eyeliner in conjunction with the liquid eyeliners that stay on wherein you can mark the line with the pencil and then thicken it using the liquid eyeliner. It becomes easier this way.
  • Be sure that your hand is steady while applying the liquid eyeliner. For this, sit in front of the mirror, rest your elbow on the table to achieve the firmness. See some more liquid eyeliner tips as well.
  • How to put on eyeliner smoothly? Well, while using the pencil, soften it with the help of hot water or hold the tip on the flame for few seconds for easy application.
  • While going about the process, keep an eyeliner remover and cotton swabs with you in case you make any mistake.

This was all about how to wear eyeliner and we have also given you some helpful eyeliner tips. Agreed that the process is tricky but if you keep the aforementioned points in mind, you are sure to get some compliments!    By Mrunmayi Deo

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