Hairstyles with Bangs 2011

Hairstyles with Bangs 2011A haircut just looks incomplete without bangs. Add bangs to any hairstyle, and it will look stylish. Don’t believe me? Just compare various hairstyles with and without bangs, you will notice that all the hairstyles with bangs stand out better. This is because they tend to bring attention to one’s eyes. The hairstyles with bangs 2011 are sleek looking styles which look very stylish. Here are short, medium and long hairstyles with bangs ideas out of which you can choose…

Hairstyles with Bangs for 2011

Whenever selecting a hairstyle, make sure you pick a haircut which suits your face shape, hair type and lifestyle. So, understand your face shape and then get a haircut accordingly, also choose a hairstyle which suits your hair type which is curly, wavy or straight. Also, select a low on maintenance style like a short haircut, if you have a hectic life. But, if you can spend some minutes styling your hair then go with a nice long or medium style.

Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2011
Men can go with short layered hairstyles with side sweeping bangs, or with a base haircut, and tousle the hair in such a way to create bangs. Women can go with pixie cuts, layered cuts or bob haircuts with bangs.

For men layered cuts are done in such a way that the hair on sides and back are kept long, and cut tapering. Then the front hair is styled into side swept bangs. Spiky hairdos for men are quite popular too. Choose a base haircut like buzz, faux hawk, etc. Then use extra hold gel on damp and tousle them. Women look great in bob hairstyles. Go for inverted bob, stacked bob, choppy bob or layered bob. Inverted bob are great as haircuts with bangs for round faces. To get them, cut the hair at the back short near the nape of the neck and the side hair longer.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs 2011
Men can go with layered wavy or fine hairstyle. Medium length hair styles with bangs are done in layers, with the bangs kept longer, and the hair cut into layers and flipped outwards.

Women can either go with straight or wavy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair. Middle part your hair and get layers on either side, and style them inwards, accompany them with side blunt bangs.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2011
Men generally don’t keep their hair long. But, if you are thinking of getting long layered hairstyles with bangs, then consider getting a mullet, and to make it look modern cut the crown hair into a faux hawk, and style them upwards and frontwards to create bangs.

The choice of layered hairstyles with bangs for women are many. A simple way to get long hairstyles with bangs, is to cut the hair blunt, and then cut the front hair into Cleopatra style blunt bangs, for a great bohemian look.

Women can also get their hair cut into curly wavy styles. Get some layered hairstyles with side swept bangs in your long hair. Cut the crown hair into some layers, and the bottom hair cut into tapering style. Then accompany this style with choppy side bangs. You can also go with blunt Cleopatra style bangs, or with blunt side bangs if you like. Cleopatra style bangs gives a stylish edgy look, while blunt bangs give a cute yet stylish look.

I hope by reading the above ideas, you already got a pretty good idea of what kind of hairstyles with bangs 2011 look you want. So, get an appointment with the stylist, and enjoy your new look. Good luck!

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