Cracked Skin

The hands and feet happen to be the common areas which suffer from the problem of cracked skin. The condition seems to be more problematic in women, rather than their opposite sex. And why not? After all, soft and beautiful hands are also an important part of the beauty quotient for women. The condition is not only unpleasant to see, but could also be painful for most people. In some cases, cracked skin (especially in feet) when left unattended, with time, may cause bleeding and open wounds, which in turn may lead to an infection. The severity of the condition depends upon its cause. Underlying conditions such as eczema, and psoriasis are known to cause cracked skin. Also, keeping the skin dry in all conditions also result in the same. But most often than not, the condition is easy to treat and prevent. The following would give you some tips on how to go about dealing with the problem of cracked skin.

Cracked Skin Remedies

Mild cases of cracked skin may be dealt with a few self-care measures at home. However, for cases wherein the damage is deep and painful, medical treatment may be necessary. About the home remedies, here they are:

* Soaking your hands and feet in a mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar, is known to be a popular remedy for dealing with the symptoms of cracked skin for most people. The idea is to get the dry skin hydrated and moisturized, in order to keep it from cracking further. This must be done for 15 minutes daily, and you can also add a few drops of essential oil, to increase the efficacy of the moisturizing process.
* It is advisable to apply cream for cracked skin to the affected areas, once you are done with the soaking. And if the whether is cold, then wearing socks adds to the benefit.
* If cracked skin on fingers or feet is accompanied by itching, then soak them in warm water mixed with baking soda. This would help in softening the dry area.
* Cracked skin between toes must be patted dry instead of being rubbed. These are areas which are often neglected. So it is advisable to massage them with essential oil after bathing.
* When it comes to cracked skin on feet, the heel cannot be missed. This is an area that is the most affected, and one of the reasons for this is going bare foot for long periods. Wearing good quality shoes and socks keeps the area from getting cracked and dry.
* It is important to wear fresh pair of socks daily. Sweat and moisture that builds up in the foot may aggravate the condition. That is why it is important to always get your feet rinsed and dried, after you come home from work.
* If you are someone who has to work with water for longer periods, then consider using rubber gloves. Also, living in cold whether conditions makes the use of winter gloves necessary, to avoid dry cracked hands.
* Gently exfoliating the cracked hands and feet helps in wearing off the dry, old skin thus, promoting the growth of new, healthy skin cells.
* Apart from all these measures, diet is also something which has to be stressed on. Nutrients which promote healthy skin are vitamin E, omega-3 essential fatty acids and zinc. Including foods rich in these stuffs in the diet not only helps in treating cracked skin but in the prevention, as well.

The condition of dry and cracked skin when caused by environmental factors, can be easily dealt with. However, if the underlying cause is some skin condition, like the ones mentioned above, then medical intervention is the only wise choice to make.

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