Best Snow Boots

Best Snow BootsA pair of snow boots is amongst the ‘must haves’ in your winter wardrobe. Yes, while you add all that warm and waterproof winter gear to the wardrobes, snow boots can’t be missed out, right? These are specially designed boots that can be used in snow and most often in wet conditions as well. Remember that the use of this footwear is not restricted till walking but you can find specially designed snow boots for various other activities such as playing and hiking as well. Well, let’s know more about what are these and how to find best snow boots for kids, toddlers, men and women.

What are Snow Boots

Firstly, let me tell you that snow boots and winter boots are not the same. Even though the best winter boots have insulation for coldest weather, they are not suitable to be used in snow. Using one can surely lead to cold feet, no matter how great insulation it has. So a snow boot is specially designed for use in snow as well as wet conditions. Well, here wet means, deep piles of slushy snow as well along with the fresh snow fall and heaps of the same.

Features of Best Boots For Snow

Waterproof Soles

The best snow boots must basically have 100% rubber soles, a thicker and rugged one offering complete waterproof base. Well, that also adds to the ease of cleaning your boots. Other waterproof material might also be used instead of rubber for the soles.

Upper Material

The upper part of best snow boots is usually made of leather or mix of nylon and leather. Suede boots which are made of treated suede can be commonly found in this section. The seams on all the sides of boots are sealed to offer perfect insulation. Some might have taped seams that too help proper insulation and protection from moisture. It can also consist of velcro belts, trendy laces or cool zips to offer the best fit. Drawstring closure or trendy horizontal belts at the top of boots that help keep snow out and add warmth are also popularly seen in such boots.

Boot’s Height

Another feature of best snow boots for women, kids and men is the height of boots. The height must be so that snow does not come over your boots. Basically the best snow boots for men must at least be extended above the hem of their pants. Ankle length boots are even better option to go for. While searching best snow boots for toddlers, men or women you must checkout the knee high boots or at least those of a height up to mid-calf. I am sure that you will find a wide variety in such boots.

Other Features

You can find snow boots in almost all colors. Yes, the designer pieces that you would like to flaunt are also available in these. Variety in prints is huge and the outer material is often given a trendy touch. Most of the snow boots have a fleece collar or cuff, at the top that adds a style element to these.

Well, if you are still wondering whether you can find a perfect mix of ‘comfort ‘ and ‘style’ in snow boots, then I am sure that you have not yet browsed through the images of best snow boots available in the market. No matter how stylish your outfit is, you can definitely find a complimenting pair of snow boots to rightly spice up your attire. So while you rework your wardrobe to add in the latest winter wear make sure you do pick a pair or two of the best snow boots from the shelves. Definitely, with the wide variety to choose from, I am sure you won’t need to search hard for one that rightly suits your taste.

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